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FAQ: Common Questions and Concerns

CBD has no psychoactive properties, unlike THC found in marijuana, and contains many therapeutic properties.

CBD is used for anti-inflammatory pain, nausea, PTSD, sleep, anxiety, and many other chronic health problems.

CBD can act as a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters help to regulate bodily systems at a cellular level. CBD has been shown to have effects on a wide array of systems in the human body, such as the immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the heart, liver, and kidneys, the epidermis and others. CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

CBD oil is a natural essential oil which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is used by people all over the world as a dietary supplement and for a variety of therapeutic purposes.

Cannabinoids are active compounds produced by all cannabis plants. They account for most of the health benefits of cannabis. Cannabinoids found in plants are technically called phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids can mimic neurotransmitters that we call endocannabinoids, which are produced naturally by our bodies.

Small dosing is recommended to determine if you will have any negative reactions. Also, you may only need a small amount. You do not need to take larger doses than your body needs.

Yes, CBD has the same benefits in pets as they do in humans.

No, you cannot overdose on CBD. There is no record of anyone ever overdosing on CBD. CBD is completely non-toxic and our products are 100% THC-free.

Hemp seed oil is distinct from CBD oil. While CBD is produced by extracting the essential oils from the cannabis plant’s flowers, hemp seed oil is produced by pressing the plant’s seeds. Hemp oil is similar to other seed oils such as corn oil and sesame oil. Hemp oil does not contain cannabinoids such as CBD.

Hemp is a family of cannabis strains which are grown for food and fibers. CBD is a molecular compound found in the plant’s extracts. Leaf Relief Transparent CBD is extracted from a proprietary strain of hemp known as PCR hemp — or phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. This proprietary strain is far richer in CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes than the basic hemp plant used by most CBD producers.

CBD oil is an essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant’s flowers. It contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is similar to other seed oils such as corn oil or sesame seed oil and is produced by pressing the plant’s seeds. Hemp oil does not contain CBD or terpenes.

There are no known incidences of illness caused by consumption of CBD oil. Also, all of Transparent CBD products undergo rigorous third party testing to guarantee they are free of THC and any potential contaminants.

Cancer, MS, Glaucoma, Parkinson Disease, HIV/AIDS, Chrons Disease, Epilepsy/Seizures, terminal conditions, and chronic non-malignant pain.

By using the easy 4-step process.
Step 1: Schedule an appointment to be seen be our specialist.
Step 2: Upon qualification, our doctor will enter you into the Florida Registry.
Step 3: You will log on to the Florida Registry and pay a $75 fee to obtain your Florida Med Card.
Step 4: Receive an email with a temporary Florida Med Card in about one week. You may then take this to any Florida dispensary and begin purchasing medical marijuana products.

**These statements are not health claims, the FDA has not evaluated these claims. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.**